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ClassDojo Revolutionized Classrooms All Over The World

ClassDojo is a very important and unique app that enables teachers, students, and parents to unite and become a cohesive force for education. It serves as a platform for communication in a real-time effort to enhance the learning experience of the student.

Students can share their work as they complete it or while they work on it if it is a project through photos, messages, and videos. Teachers can check on the parent’s message center in the morning to see if there are going to be any students who will be absent that day due to an illness or other circumstances. Teachers can also broadcast general messages to parents about upcoming events and assignments. Parents can send private messages to teachers with questions and comments.

Life classroom views can be made available so parents can see what is really going on and it helps to reinforce students’ behavior and performance. Students who know that their parents might be watching, tend to perform much better because of that fact.

ClassDojo is currently actively used in 90 percent of kindergarten through the eighth-grade classes in the United States. It is in over 180 countries of the world and has been translated into over 35 languages. The results have been so robust that there is a constant and growing demand for the app because of its success.

ClassDojo was developed by a former teacher who listened to teachers and what they felt would be a good tool for learning. The result of thousands of interviews and trial runs it was learned that learning is primarily an emotional and social skill with the “soft skills” of curiosity, focus, and persistence. Without these traits, it can be a difficult road, for sure.

The app portrays the learning process as a “gamified” process which is a format that most of the students are already familiar with. It brings students along with easy to complete steps that help them complete the necessary tasks. Students are thrilled to share their immediate successes and reinforcement helps to solidify the cause.

ClassDojo is here to stay as the success of the project speaks for itself with a continually increasing demand for the product.