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OneLogin Is A Big Deal For Enterprises

Enterprises around the world are modernizing their means of accessing computer programs and in-house network infrastructures.

Many businesses still maintain their very own information technology infrastructures to manage data and communicate with one another, within their organizations. Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages associated with handling one’s own business’ technology needs in this manner.

Here are three of the most popular, important reasons why it’s important to modernize access management methods within any business, especially large enterprises.

Keeping Up With IT Infrastructure Within A Business Is Incredibly Expensive

There are several factors that combine to make keeping up with your company’s own infrastructure technology highly expensive. The most necessary and expensive of which are as follows:

Security Is Always An Issue In Today’s Climate

  • Hardware itself costs more than anything, though it’s mostly a one-time cost. Cables, hardware, cords, cooling fans, lights, and other specialized equipment costs a whole lot of money.
  • You will need to subscribe to various services if you’re looking to keep a big-time, in-house IT infrastructure. You will have to pay for ongoing maintenance, which essentially equates to being a type of subscription in itself.
  • It is important for most businesses to have computer repair technicians on hand at all times, or at least on call and nearby. Having to wait days, or even hours, for such help can cost your business a whole lot of money from lost business.
  • Customer support costs a good chunk of money, as well, and is important for making sure your affiliates think well of your business.

Cybersecurity is growing in both frequency and damage done per attack. As such, it’s important to trust a company like OneLogin to help protect you against such problems.

Productivity Can Drop Significantly During Downtime

If you don’t have infrastructure that’s currently online to support your business, you might as well send your employees home. The worst part? Your customers could get disgruntled, costing your business money.

OneLogin is a provider of access management services, and beefs up security and convince for its many corporate clients.