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EOS – Popular Lip Balm Brand

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm has a wide variety of flavors that are offered with their sleek design. One of their most popular flavors is the coconut milk, which offers a soft pink ball of smooth, nourishing vitamins. EOS lip balm has been taking over the lip balm market for many years with its growing sales. Each product is engrossed in natural, organic ingredients that are good for your body. They started off as a small company that dove into an already saturated market in hopes that their product would sell fairly fast. It actually did more than sell fast, it over powered some of the most popular brands in the world like Chapstik and Burts Bees. Head over to to read more cool stories.

Their variety of flavors and quality product has pointed them to much success, and they will continue to provide new flavors and limited edition flavors in the future. EOS products allow you to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Another popular flavor to try is the lemon drop flavor that is presented in a delicate yellow mound of savory ingredients.

The product has continued to grow immensely, and is offered in many stores throughout the world. You can find many of the different EOS lip balm flavors at your local, Target, online sources and many other stores. They are proud to bring a product to the market that people love and know that they are putting excellent product on their lips that are proven to smooth, hydrate and provide hours of moisture. The little bundles of joy are affordable and easily located in the lip balm market. The founder of the delectable pods was recently interviewed in conjunction with the success they’ve experienced, and was glad to boast of their quality ingredients that are blended into each flavorful, convenient and locally found lip balm flavors. Buy your favorite lip balm flavor here.