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Perry Mandera is a Force to Reckon With in the Transportation Sector

Perry Mandera is a transportation sector executive who boasts more than 30 years of unparalleled experience. He is the brains behind The Custom Companies, Inc., which ventured into the transportation industry over three decades ago. As the head of this Illinois-based company, Mandera leads a team of specialists that focus on addressing the personal needs of clients by offering a wide array of exceptional transportation services.

Perry Mandera’s career trajectory in the transportation sector

After completing his high school education in 1975, Perry Mandera started working for the Marine Corps Reserve based in the U.S. He developed an interest in the transportation sector after learning how to drive a truck. He decided to venture into the transportation industry following an honorable discharge from Marine Corps Reserves.
Perry Mandera’s Life  Story

At just 23 years old, Mandera had served in several different capacities at leading transportation companies. He launched his own business in 1980, but he sold it five years later to focus on politics. He was appointed a committee member to represent the Republican Party in Chicago. He held that position for four years, and he was the youngest committee member at that time.

Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies Inc. back in 1986. The firm delivers its services to companies of all sizes, ranging from big Fortune 100 firms to small family businesses. It offers jobs to hundreds of qualified employees, and it recently exceeded $200 million in sales.
Perry Mandera’s accomplishments in the philanthropic arena, read here.

Perry Mandera collaborated with other philanthropists to unveil the Custom Cares Charities as the charitable wing of The Custom Companies, see also Through this organization, he helps underprivileged families to enjoy the winter season by donating thousands of dollars to them. When he unveiled The Custom Companies, he emphasized that engaging in philanthropic activities within the community will be one of the company’s core values.

During his free time, Perry Mandera loves to engage in outreach activities. He has served as a coach to many youth basketball, football, and baseball teams. He also spends quality time with his family and follows his children’s sports programs and other important activities closely.

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