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Dr. Mark McKenna And Committed Entrepreneurship

Dr. Mark McKenna is an ambitious entrepreneur who is known by many throughout the business world. He’s also a licensed medical doctor who has a reputation for superb patient care. Dr. Mark McKenna has licensing in both medicine and surgery. He acquired this licensing through the Florida and Georgia medical examiner state boards. He comes from lovely New Orleans, Louisiana. He went to the medical school at Tulane University while there, too. His in-depth medical training meant a lot to him. Once he finished it, he went into medicine practice. He did so alongside his father. That’s also around the time he made the decision to establish McKenna Venture Investments. This is the name of a real estate development company. Dr. Mark McKenna has done so much work with numerous other companies over the years. These include Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. He attained these companies in the first place. He then helped them achieve all sorts of objectives. Dr. Mark McKenna is an individual who has a lot of insight that relates to real estate closing, financing and even design and construction.

This trustworthy doctor moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the late fall of 2007. That’s the time he created ShapeMed, a medical practice that concentrates on all kinds of aesthetic and wellness matters. People who want to feel better about their physical appearances routinely depend on ShapeMed. The same thing goes for individuals who wish to feel better in general. Life Time Fitness Inc. bought ShapeMed in the beginning of November in 2014. Dr. Mark McKenna was Life Time Fitness, Inc’s hard-working National Medical Director until the summer of 2016. He, a year later, landed a job as OVME’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. OVME is a medical aesthetic business that’s enthusiastic about technological concepts. It’s a company that works hard to transform the concept of elective healthcare as well.

This doctor’s wife is a woman people know as Gianine. They’re dedicated parents to a sweet youngster called Milana Elle. They don’t only live with this adorable daughter, though. They also have a cute Pomeranian they call Ryder.

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