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Market America International Convention 2017 Echoes the Role of People in Creating Great Economies

Market America holds several events such as the annual Market America Convention. These events aim to foster the collective spirit between entrepreneurs and challenge them to be better. Market America is a company that credits its success to the people. The company set out to empower entrepreneurs to create an economy powered by them. Market America provides the entrepreneurs a platform to build businesses, connect with others, market products globally, and earn revenues. Through Shop.Com and Market America, an entrepreneur becomes a unfranchise owner.

The Market America Convention 2017 held in Greensboro between the 9th and 13th of August celebrated 25 years of entrepreneurial success. At the 2017 Convention, the topics focused on success, belief, self-motivation, Market America products, tips to improving incomes, and new technology.

The 2017 Market America International Convention featured several speakers amongst them founder, JR Ridiger. JR Ridinger spoke on the topic belief. The current CEO narrated how he discovered a niche in the market. He highlighted factors in the market that informed his decision to begin Market America such as mass production, one-product companies, lack of standardization, and lack of suitable business plans. For JR, success meant finding solutions for all the market products and identifying ways that many could benefit from a concept.

Today Market America continues to provide revenue generating activities for people globally, in a mall-with-no-wall concept, offering a variety of product.

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