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The Capital Group Has A Leg Up In The Investment Industry

One of the most popular industries in the business world is the investment industry. There are many reasons why the investment industry is very popular. One of the main reasons is that many people look at the investment industry as a way of increasing their income and wealth. As a result, many people have an interest in finding investments that will help them meet their financial goals such as retirement income.

Regarding investments, people generally have two ways of approaching investments. One way is by handling all aspects of the investments themselves, and the other way is by seeking help with all or portions of the investment related tasks.

For people who want to handle their investment activities themselves, there are many ways that people can research, locate, purchase, and maintain their own investments. The evolution of the Internet has made it possible for many people to gain access to every aspect of investments needed to made good investment decisions.

However, there are some people who prefer the help of financial professionals. These people either want someone else to handle all or certain aspects of the investment process. There are many investment companies that provide investment related services. One of the most well known investment companies is the Capital Group.


Timothy Armour is the chairman of the Capital Group. Timothy Armour recently replaced James Rotherberg who was the former chairman. Jim Rotherberg passed away recently and the company followed the directions of the succession plan that was made before his death. .

The Middleburry graduate, Timothy Armour was selected as the new chairman to lead the Los Angeles firm, Capital Group. As an investment professional, Timothy Armour has over 30 years of experience. He has held numerous jobs in the investment industry that have provided him with a wide range of investment expertise.

As someone who was already a vital part of the Capital Group, Timothy Armour was an excellent choice to take over as chairman. He has already proved himself as a worthy executive in the company through his ability to motivate, lead, and provide results for the company in the positions that he held previously.

Laidlaw’s Principals On Spotlight As Relmada Therapeutics Files Complaints

Relmada Therapeutics filed an amended complaint as part of the lawsuit it had filed against Laidlaw. The complaint highlights Laidlaw’s breach of contract by disclosing confidential information about Relmada Therapeutics that it had acquired as the company’s financial advisor. The two people subjected in this complaint are Mr. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, the CEO and Managing Partner respectively.

Relmada Therapeutics, a company, developing remedies for chronic pain, acquired restraining orders and injunctions against Laidlaw and its two principals for divulging false information about Relmada Inc. Relmada’s board believe that Laidlaw is liable to compensate for damages it suffered and that action had to be taken to ensure Laidlaw doesn’t harm the company in the future.

Laidlaw’s Long History Of Violating Laws $ Regulations And Client Complaints

Laidlaw’s long history of failing to comply with state and federal securities laws has lead to multiple sanctions and suspensions by state regulators, SEC and NYSE. Some violations include:

• During the global financial crisis, the company received over 60 customer complaints and lawsuits for damage compensation.

• During the same period, FINRA sanctioned Laidlaw for failure to report these complaints as stipulated in the financial regulations

• Failure to comply with rules regarding money laundering

About Laidlaw

Laidlaw & Company Ltd, initially Sands Brothers International is an investment firm located in the US and the UK. It offers investment banking as well as wealth management services to private and public institutions, corporates as well as high net individuals. Its principal business location is NYC.

Its executive team, Mr. Matthew Eitner, CEO, and James Ahern, a managing partner and head of capital markets are the leaders and are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. The company is well-equipped to serve its clients having been on the investment banking and wealth management scene for over 170 years. Laidlaw’s offices in both the UK and the US hold over 150 employees.