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Drew Madden Efforts In Creating Prosperous Healthcare IT Teams

Becoming a successful entrepreneur nowadays is not an easy task especially in the current world of competition due to the emergence of new technologies, ideas, and marketing strategies, everyone wants a place to hold on to. But for survival, you have to apply more effort to learn and implement your ideas. So you can never give up as prove by Drew Madden who is an IT entrepreneur in Healthcare. He is well known for his efforts and the passion for facilitating in building prosperous teams who can come up with flourishing companies using the idea of implementing attractive, unique cultural practices and earning trustworthy partnerships.

Drew Madden made his debut at Nordic Consulting Partners where he was the president and the head of the company from the year 2011 up to the year 2016. His achievements are undisputed up to date as he was able to lead the company to where it is today. Within his span of serving the company, he was able to raise the number of employees from 10 to 725; this was due to the fact that he was also able to secure more than 150 client partners from only 3. The company also achieved position one KLAS ranking for professional services implementation as a result of his efforts in the year 2012 and 2014.

From the beginning, Drew Madden was an enthusiast and began his work as an Implementation Consultant at Cerner Corporation. He then served as an EpicCare Inpatient and also as a willow consultant. Every day, he made sure he has earned a lot not only in making money but also working in business development where he helped many firms set up their businesses in implementing ideas and strategies.

His education was a vital inspiration because he is a qualified Healthcare IT entrepreneur who holds a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering. His specialization also includes a focus in Medical Systems which he achieved while studying at the Iowa College of Engineering. Having more than ten years of experience in the industry, Drew Madden has helped many healthcare organizations in implementation, management, optimization and also advising EMR projects. Many leaders in the healthcare IT acknowledge the efforts of Drew in helping them achieve what they have today.