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Dr. Mark McKenna’s entrepreneurial skills put to the test after the Hurricane Katrina of 2005

Dr. Mark McKenna is an accomplished doctor who holds a degree in both surgery and medicine. He earned his degree in medicine from the University of Tulane. Immediately after his graduation, Dr. McKenna began practicing medicine alongside his father who was already in private practice. While serving as a doctor, McKenna gained a lot of interest in real estate. He launched a boutique real-estate firm known as McKenna Venture Investments, which was like a one-stop shop for real estate investors.

McKenna achieved a lot of success as an entrepreneur and as a doctor. He succeeded in almost everything he laid his hands on. The McKenna Venture Investments was doing well until the Hurricane Katrina swept across the Orleans in 2005. The tragic natural phenomenon resulted in a lot of losses. Businesses were wrecked and homes destroyed. McKenna’s business wasn’t spared either. He was among the people who were left counting losses after the Hurricane Katrina occurred.

McKenna did not give up even after losing almost everything he had built over the years. He joined other residents in picking up the pieces and began building a new life. McKenna was among the people who were actively involved in advocating for constructions of structures for the middle-income people.
In 2007, McKenna moved to Atlanta and launched a new company known as ShapeMed. McKenna has always been devoted to using his skills as a doctor and a surgeon to come up with solutions to problems afflicting humankind. ShapeMed is a wellness company with the main focus of helping patients to lead healthier and longer lives. After building the company from scratch, McKenna sold it and launched a new venture.

A decade later, Dr. McKenna founded OVME, which is a technology-based medical aesthetics enterprise with the main focus of reinventing elective healthcare. In an interview with Ideamensch, McKenna noted that he conceived the idea of building OVME after working in the aesthetics industry for a decade. He realized that there was a gap in the industry that needed to be filled. He grew the company to become one of the largest in the United States and later on sold it to a public corporation.

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WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners: Not Ordinary In Any Sense Of The Word

Ancient medicine has showed the world that certain key herbs, fruit plants and other botanicals have the power to restore, enhance and add healthy richness to the body. Sometimes, nature holds the answer to many common problems or conditions.

Take for example our hair and how it can reflect a healthy mane through shine, body and strength.

Many of us follow a specific hair routine daily or at least weekly. We buy shampoos with big lathers, conditioners that promise to repair and protect our tresses and so forth. For most of us, we still see hair that breaks off, looks dull, gets frizzy and lies flat.

Chaz Dean has a simple answer, and he believes it lies in your shampoo, for starters. Dump the lather. Seriously, the famous west coast stylist says it’s the product line you’re buying. Harsh chemicals are present in these “ordinary” shampoos and conditioners. The worst appear to come from the sulfate family; the same type added to household cleaners.

When added to shampoos, these powerful chemicals start to weaken the hair strand by strand, robbing it of its natural oils. You end up with flat hair that has zero body or manageability. You attempt to contort your mane into shape with more sprays and product that build up with grime.

Chaz Dean leads an holistic lifestyle and approached his no lather shampoo brand the same way. Using science and proven extracts that offer structure and strength to hair, he launched his unique system.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners are one-bottle, multiple performers full of healthy plant-based nutrients. You don’t need a separate shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler or leave-in treatment for styling. His one-bottle does it all for every hair type and texture.

A no lather shampoo by WEN Hair offers a totally different path to great hair.