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Can Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Compete with Amazon?

In order to really understand if a clothing company has what it takes to compete with Amazon, we have to look at how dominant Amazon has been over the years. Looking at just the online clothing market, even though this is one of the most competitive markets, Amazon is drawing in over 20 percent of all the sales. Now while this might scare any other clothing company, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is actually closing ground on Amazon, having pulled in an impressive $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear and high-quality workout apparel.


When you talk to Hudson about her athleisure brand competing with Amazon, she credits the success of the company to reverse showrooming and membership perks. Both of these sales components work perfectly for this company, so we take a little walk to the Fabletics stores in the local malls to see them in full swing. This doesn’t appear to be your average clothing store. There is good reason why this company has made incredible sales numbers in the last few years. Store associates do not pressure customers to buy, in fact, women are trying on everything in the store, getting their free memberships, taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, and just enjoying this unique shopping experience.


When these women visit the Fabletics online storefront, they see all those items that they purchased in the mall will be uploaded to their online profile. Since they tried the workout apparel and active-wear on in the mall, there is no concern about the sizing and these customers can surf the larger online inventory for leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants. Instead of being hesitant to buy because of not being sure if the clothing fits like you experience at eBay or Amazon, at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics you simply fill up that online shopping cart with every impulse buy that you like.


Compare the buying experience at Fabletics to when you shop at another online clothing retailer. When you are looking for something that will fit your frame perfectly at the gym, you order one piece and when it arrives a week or two later you return it because it doesn’t quite fit well. By the time you get the right size, a month could have passed with all that back and forth shipping. At Fabletics, you know the clothing fits because you wore it already at the mall, so within days you are out with your new active-wear.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics also rewards loyal members with free shipping for online orders, discounted apparel pricing, and the aid of your very own shopping assistant. Based on quiz answers and your shopping history, your shopping assistant picks one item each month for your consideration. The theme here at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about pampering the female clientele. The large inventory, fresh new styles, lower pricing, and high-quality, are just some of the reasons this company is seeing such huge sales numbers. Amazon could finally have some real competition in the way of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics now.


Fashion and lifestyle are two of the most ever changing trends in the world. Remaining in the forefront in the fashion industry happens to be one of the most difficult things. This is because of the stiff competition available in the market. Amazon is said to control 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, which makes it one of the leading entity in fashion sales. Regardless of this high-end competition, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is competing so well in the industry, having grown to a business worth $250 million in three years.



Previously, high value brands were defined by the price and their quality. The trend however has changed, as this combination no longer serves the full needs of the customers. Instead, customers are more focused on last-mile service, customer experience, brand recognition, exclusive design as well as gamification. These are the new determinants of high-value to the modern consumer. Fabletics are able to provide this powerful combination.



Fabletics has plans to expand their physical stores with time, as its strategy and positioning is paying off for the fashion membership brand. They currently have stores open in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California. Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager says that Fabletics is more focused on building better high value brands, and sees their membership model as what helps them to offer personalized services at better prices. They offer services differently in their physical stores by using several tactics.



Encouraging “Reverse showrooming”, is one of these tactics. This where their model offers a platform in which they are able to build relationships with consumers, as well as get feedback and know the needs of the local market. As a result, this ensures most of members remain loyal to their brand. Fabletics competitors have lost a great deal of customers to Fabletics. This is because customers only use the competitors’ platforms to view available brands, then end up buying the same brands at a lower price from Fabletics. Fabletics has been able to reverse this model of offline viewing by potential customer, because of the unique way they started out. Instead creating negativity, Fabletics have turned browsing into a positive view, and this ensures that customers who view their products, are most likely to get it from their outlets.



When you subscribe to Fabletics Membership, you take a survey about what types of workouts you do and the styles of outfits you like. The platform then provides you; on monthly basis, with sampled outfits for you as per your interests. Fabletics is able to meet most of its customer needs, as they under promise and over deliver. This way, they are always able to remain ahead. From the surveys done, the quality of products sold by their outlets is just the best.



Their style is like non-other offered in the industry. They as well offer brands that requires little or no help when using, thus providing efficiency in their products use. Customer service happens to be their strong hold, as serving and knowing the customer needs remains to be the priority of the entity.



Poor Haircare Maintenance & How To Turn It Around

Hair comes in many different colors and textures, but there is one thing that everyone has in common and that’s the ability to take care of the hair you were born with. Poor hair health is a reflection of the actual person and many of the very things we do today could come back to bite us later. In Life most problems don’t just appear out of thin air. Problems are usually started long before the any issues have popped up and haircare fits the bill perfectly. Overwashing your hair might seem like the best thing to do, but overwashing actually strips the scalp of natural oils and moisture. If you’re washing your luscious locks over three times per week, trouble will be sure to follow. Powerful conditioners and shampoo. Many people are unaware of the hazards when using these products as they are loaded with parabens and sulfates. In other words, “Chemicals.”

That rich thick lather that smells oh so good is actually a bunch of synthetic chemical additives that are going through a chemical reaction. That’s right! The great smell of the lather is just to cover up the true chemical sent of this dangerous material. This only tricks you into believing that you’re getting all the great benefits, but in actuality, it slowly killing your hair. These products aren’t all bad, but the negatives definitely out weight the positives. The best thing to do is start using products that are more gentle

Wen is the top hair care product line with gentle formulas that comes from an organic structure. These natural ingredients work in tandem to give your hair moisture, strength, and added shine. The 5-In-1 Conditioner is a best seller as it replaces the need for shampoo. Take you hair health back as WEN by Chaz Dean ( will give you healthier more manageable hair.

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The New Looks From Fabletics

Today’s women are more active than ever, which is why more and more women are looking for great clothes to work out in that keep them looking great and feeling comfortable. Some of the new legging and workout gear are so comfy, in fact, it’s hard to change out of them into clothes that are more appropriate for work or an evening out. That’s why some dynamic new clothing companies, like Fabletics, have emerged to give women the clothes they need to look good whether they’re heading to the gym for a workout or heading out to work.

Co-Founded by Kate Hudson

Multi-talented actress Kate Hudson recently spoke to Marie Claire Magazine about Fabletics at, the clothing company she co-founded with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The idea behind this innovative company is to give women the look and feel of great workout clothes that double as day or evening wear, at a price that’s affordable for women from all walks of life.

According to Hudson, it’s this combination of comfort, wearability and great style that really sets this company’s clothing apart. All of this is offered at prices that make them affordable to working women, which is also unique. Yes, says Kate Hudson, there are some other companies that are producing active wear that is stylish enough to double as evening wear, but those lines are priced much higher than the clothing from Fabletics

A look at the Fabletics website shows the company’s commitment to great design. The looks offered on the site range from pieces that are great for yoga, running or the gym. Some of the outfits combine leggings with cute tank tops or long sleeve tops for a look that’s active but very feminine. The cuts of these pieces are unique as they have very a feminine feel, with cut out backs that features bows or slinky off the shoulder styles. Fabletics also has a wide range of accessories like beanie hats, panties and head wraps, to add another level of style to an active day.

There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson is really hitting her stride here with this beautifully designed clothing line. With the affordable price point these pieces are offered at, they are sure to appeal to active women everywhere, especially those who love to look good while they are working out.