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Academy of Art University, Creating Fashion Icons

The Academy of Art University is destined to create true fashion icons. The Academy of Art University attended New York Fashion Week in 2017 and left amazing impressions of the crowd along with popular designers as well. The university allowed 10 students to model their best fashion designs. These students were all graduate students who had obtained either their bachelor and master degrees. The style choices of the students reflected styles from over seas in China to the Midwest to Chicago all the way to the West Coast of the US in Los Angeles. The audience was excited about all of the diverse fashion styles that the university provided in one day. At the end of the night, the Academy of Art University’s students were named to be the future of fashion.

The was a huge accomplishment for the students. They were very proud to have achieved this accomplishment of earning this title. Fashion designers, the audience, and the Academy of Art University’s students supporters are excited to see what the university will bring in the next up coming years.

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929. The founder of the university is Richard Stephens. Before the school became the Academy of Art University it was named Academy of Art College and Academy of Advertising Art. The university has several accreditation, they are accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges, National Association of Schools of Art and Design, Council for Interior Design Accreditation, and by the National Architectural Accrediting Board as well. The school offers three different levels of degrees associates, bachelors, and masters.

The Academy of Art University also has their own museum that has been named the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. The museum has hundreds and antique vintage cars at the museum. The museum has been recognized by Forbes. It has been said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The Academy of Art University has several things to offer their students. If any of this information sounded interesting, contact them today to start your educational journey as soon as you can!

Success Academy Popularity Grows

One of the bigger responsibilities that all people share is finding ways to ensure that children are properly educated. While there are a lot of good public school systems across the country, many are underfunded and do not have the resources necessary to provide education to everyone. For those that are in the New York City area, a good option would be to go to a charter school.


One of the leading charter schools in the New York City area today is the Success Academy. The Success Academy is a charter school system that was first established in 2006. It started as one small school that was focusing on providing educational options to people that were not satisfied by the public school system. Today, the Success Academy is a much larger organization. It has over 40 different schools that serves over 15,000 students across all areas of the city.


While many charter schools and up focusing on charging high rates, the success academy actually focuses on those that come from lower income families. Today, over 75% of students come from low income families and over 90% are either black or Hispanic. Overall, the success academy is very popular with families and students. There is an increased demand for this charter school program. Those that are looking to get into one of the schools will need to go through a lottery system.


While the schools are popular with families and students, they are also well regarded by industry professionals. The schools do have the freedom to come up with their own coursework, but the schools are governed by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute overall. This organization ensures that students are receiving the education that the need to allow them to succeed at higher levels, including high school and college.