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The Happy Benefits of Beneful

If I were to ask you to pick one of your favorite foods to eat the rest of your life, what would you choose? You might enjoy eating your choice for a few weeks, but you’ll grow to hate it. Life shouldn’t be about regimented, bland, and boring meals. Life is about variety, and if you wouldn’t do that to yourself, why would you do it to your dog? Here is the detail.

With Beneful, it’s never been easier to treat your dog with a little more variety in their life. Beneful can will not only give your pet a choice, they’ll bring quality to the bowl. With a selection of dry and wet foods made with real ingredients, it’s easy to find what you and your dog might be looking for.

Are you planning on having a steak for dinner? Now you don’t have to leave out your furry member of the family! Pick up a bag of Beneful’s Dry Dog food made with real beef. So maybe it’s a chicken night, they’ve got you covered there too with a Dry Dog food made with real chicken. Making sure not to leave out all those pescetarian, there is also a delicious Salmon option.

If the Dry Foods weren’t already enough, Beneful offers a variety of wet foods guaranteed to settle any rumbling tummy. How about Beef, Carrots, Tomatoes and Wild Rice? Perhaps some lamb brown rice carrots and spinach? With so many possibilities, your dog will be jumping with anticipation to see what you’ve brought them today. You’ll never have to subject them to the same old boring meal day in and day out ever again.

Join the thousands of happy dogs and their owners by picking up some Beneful dog food today.

Extreme Weight Loss Is Common Amongst NutriMost Users


NutriMost is a weight loss program that focuses on the individual’s unique DNA make-up, and designing dietary regimens that reflect the needs of certain body compositions. Specialized resonance scans indicate the presence of factors that determine what food combinations and wellness behaviors will result in permanent weight loss. With this technology, thousands of people have experienced notable weight loss. Here are a few successes.

Dr. Robert Vasquez

Even with asthma, severe food allergies, and chronic headaches, the NutriMost system provided a way for this respected doctor to make a huge transformation. With techniques involving a switch to organic foods, and meal plans that time sugars, he was able to lose 35 pounds in less than two months. His total weight loss is over 60 pounds, and he has kept it off for more than a year.

Julia Mitchell

This NutriMost program user in Cincinnati has lost over 80 pounds using the customized programs of the diet.  Her amazing success is due to bio-indentification of key food triggers, and a completely personalized program. Her NutriMost program triggered a deep metabolic reaction for fat-burning, and has reset her body to resist future weight gain.

Al & Linda Sparaco

This Brookfield, CT couple decided to try the NutriMost system because of mutual problems with weight-related acid reflux, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues. Al’s weight loss was 59 pounds, and Linda’s was 83. An eye-opening consultation with a NutriMost specialist, and a no-nonsense 40 day program was all they needed to turn their lives around. A 140 pound loss of weight has radically reshaped this couple’s view of life, and is a testament to the efficacy of the NutriMost system.

The science behind NutriMost is revolutionizing the way people approach their weigh loss goals. It’s not just a matter of dieting and caloric deficits. These individuals prove that awareness of unique metabolic functions is vitally important in achieving life without worrying about weight-related issues.

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