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Securus Is A Leader In Prison Technologies

Securus Technologies is a driving force within the criminal technology industry. The company specializes in many aspects of crime prevention including investigation, public safety and detailed communication. Its clients have relied on Securus to solve complicated matters such as inmate crimes. Day-to-day operations in detainment facilities are very tense and complicated. Securus Technologies has been able to stay on top of the needed tools to help its clientele maintain leverage. The company is based in Dallas Texas and has a long-standing relationship with law enforcement bureaus and safety organizations around the country. Securus is prepared to deliver emergency response support and provide public information, biometric analysis and information management.


Securus Technologies has a firm foundation in inmate technologies. Securus was founded in 1986 and holds offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Texas. There are more than 1,000 employees working for the company to support the 2600 contracts that it has with correctional facilities and law enforcement bureaus throughout the United States. Securus is determined to maintain its spot as the leader in the industry by investing in the organization’s infrastructure. The company spent six hundred million dollars on patents and acquisitions in order to bring Securus up to speed with other industry leaders. Offender Management Systems was acquired by Securus Technologies in order to broaden the scope of the of company’s mission. Before the acquisition Offender Management was the leader in the criminal technology industry.


Cell phone technology is a key aspect of inmate management within correctional facilities. Securus Technologies developed a system that counters the contraband issue with cell phones. The concept was approved by 5 Department of Corrections facilities by 2016. Securus Technologies and Harris Corporation teamed up to bring Cell Defender technology to its clients. It is a wireless containment solution that will block the ability of cell phones in the facility to connect to outside networks. The feature was put to work in 2017 and is expected to be an important aspect of inmate-on-inmate investigation.


The acquisition of JPay was a critical move by Securus Technologies. JPay had carved out its own market within the criminal technology industry. The company specialized in electronic payments, email and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. It had secured contracts with organizations in up to 33 different states. Securus expects the merger to diversify its reach within an industry that is growing more and more competitive each day. JPay will operate as in an independent subsidiary of Securus Technologies and continue to develop its business model. It will be able to benefit from being affiliated with a large company such as Securus. However, Securus Technologies leaders will learn a great deal from the new business techniques that JPay will demonstrate within the partnership.


Talk Fusion

HuffPost And Talk Fusion CEO: Both Rely On Growth And Change



The Huffington Post is around no longer. Say hello to the future – HuffPost, with an eye on change. HuffPost took on a new style and attitude the day after one of Bob Reina’s articles appeared live on April 24, 2017. Reina, a long time contributor to HuffPost, is also founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the first company ever known to offer businesses an “all-in-one Video Marketing Solution.”


On the one hand, Reina contributes to HuffPost and leads Talk Fusion with the same goal: for companies to innovate. On the other hand, HuffPost is looking to become brand new, which is what Reina believes that organizations should do. He states that “a brand’s growth is never complete.” Impressively, while HuffPost worked diligently to re-brand, the trending platform also allowed Reina to publish two articles.


Talk Fusion is all about change. The video marketing outfit has empowered people all over the world to “pursue their dreams.” Talk Fusion gives companies the competitive edge with such products as Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings. Businesses can have fun with creating fantastic videos. With a drag-and-drop system, companies can put forth newsletters that pop. Organizations can get together utilizing live chat and can stream videos, watch PowerPoint slides, and share files. Talk Fusion markets itself through talk – something people do every day. Independent Associates, those who use and love the products, reach out to find those who will also use and care about the products. Learn more now about Talk Fusion.