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Mike Baur: Assisting Startups and Small Businesses Worldwide

People around the world are establishing their businesses. However, not all of them have the proper training on how to sustain growth. Mike Baur, a Swiss businessman, and entrepreneur wanted to change the mindset of the people when it comes to business, and he wants to help them succeed. Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory, which has a primary objective of assisting small businesses for them to succeed. He is also the company’s managing partner, pushing the Swiss Startup Factory to the top. Mike Baur is proud to say that he has helped hundreds of small-time entrepreneur from around the world.


Before co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur previously worked in the finance industry. He was a banker for more than 20 years, and he served the most prominent banks in Switzerland, including the UBS and Clariden Leu. His years of working as an employee often give him the thought of starting his own business, and when he had all of the knowledge about being an entrepreneur, he decided to quit his job and became an investor. He invested in small businesses, but then he noticed that he is not earning a lot. He had an idea on his mind of creating his own company that would help small businesses thrive, and he immediately contacted his colleagues for support. Max Meister and Oliver Walzer are two of his friends who also founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The company was established in 2014, and Mike Baur managed to grow the company in only a short period. Being one of the company’s co-founder, Mike Baur is also responsible for providing awareness among the Swiss of what his company is all about. He goes from university to university, explaining how his company works. In 2016, his startup company partnered with CTI, a business firm that also focuses on helping small businesses grow. The Swiss Startup Factory also teamed up with financial institutions, who promised to provide financial assistance to their clients and will also help them to reach their goals in the shortest time possible.


The primary objective of Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is to create multinational companies that will never follow the traditional approach to maintaining a business. The primary product of the company is a training program which will help entrepreneurs understand how business works. Aside from the training, entrepreneurs who enlisted for the course will also enjoy different services offered to their business, including financial services, maintenance, coaching, mentoring, office space, and an unlimited and unrestricted access to a vast network of businesspeople around the world that are ready to speak with potential investors. These services provided by the Swiss Startup Factory can be categorized into four different groups, each focusing on their specialties: Pre accelerator Services, Growth Accelerator Services, Wenger and Vieli Law Accelerator Services, and Digital Business Strategy.


Mike Baur hopes to see everyone in the future is busy with their businesses. He knows that poverty would end when people started to discover how to do business, and with enough financial literacy, he thinks that everyone can be successful.



Todd Lubar and his Success as an Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar was just recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he shared his life story and how his career journey has evolved. An entrepreneur, Todd said that most entrepreneurs mostly do not have the skill of identifying the will in people when it comes to accomplishing their goals. Todd Lubar states that many entrepreneurs also tend to give up too fast which makes them to fail. He understands that customers are the most important part when it comes to any business venture. Todd Lubar told that his excellent business skills made him to get outstanding referrals in business.

The career path of Todd Lubar started at Crestar Mortgage when he served as a loan originator. Over the years, he went on to work extra hard and managed to hold many big different positions. Todd has earned a reputation as a hard working entrepreneur who is focused n making an impact in the business world. He currently works at Global Ventures, LLC where he holds the position of President. Todd Lubar also serves as the Senior VP at the Legendary Investments. He is a graduate of the Syracuse University where he managed to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication. His position at Crestar Mortgage played a huge role in shaping his model skills in mortgage banking.

Lubar went to work with the Legacy Financial Group in 1999 where he was responsible for the brokerage of loans and lending. It was in this organization that Todd was able to boost his lending capabilities. He established the Legendary Properties LLC in 2002. The firm managed to facilitate the renewal, attainment as well as marketing of approximately 200 transactions. Todd Lubar established Charter Funding in 2003 which is a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. He has more than 12 years’ worth of experience in the real estate sector. He has been involved in the housing industry in Baltimore. Todd Lubar is also involved in other industries such as commercial demolition and the metal recycling industry. He serves as a role model to all entrepreneurs who wish to make it in the business world.

The Co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is prominent for being a significantly prosperous Panel Participant, Executive, Investor & Executive Mentor, CEO of a Public Company, Entrepreneur, alongside the financial services. In his pursuit of his business and finance career for about twenty-one years, Glen is currently the CEO of the LaunchPad Holdings LLC. This is a SAAS firm that he co-founded in the year 2015. The firm deals with the development of software that offers services alongside the online planning of business for the young entrepreneurs.

He is a University of Scranton’s graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Finance. He graduated in the year 1981. This occurred before his attainment of a Master’s Degree from the University of Chicago in the field of Finance which happened in the year 1993. It is after studies that Glen Wakeman started off a prosperous career at the GE Capital where he held the position of the P&L as well as that of business development. After this, he moved onto the Doral Financial Corporation where he occupied the Executive positions of the CEO as that of the President and the Chairman of the Doral Bank Panel.


In the course of his enduring career, and being recognized as an entrepreneur and a mentor, he significantly transformed commerce with staff members exceeding seventeen thousand as assets worth $15 billion. This is the factor that facilitated Glen Wakeman’s development as well as prosperity (Glen Wakeman Inspires Entrepreneurs). It is worth acknowledging the fact that his work covers a lot including start-up guidance, the new market entry, and even possible growth. This is in addition to his application of his prove strategy with the utilization of the five top performance sections such as governance, implementation, leadership, human capital and the management of risk.


The view of Glen Wakeman as an investor as well as an author has opened him opportunities so that he can share his insight via many regular blogs alongside worldwide fiscal matters, the future markets, the administration and management, and the strategies. He has also utilized his mentorship skills to support several C-level administrators. He is also a counselor of Dreamfunded together with the Sitter Bees. Therefore, Glen Wakeman has attained a significant global recognition in his entire administrative career (


UKV PLC wine investment company

This is a company that is based in the UK and specializes in wine production. It works in conjunction with several other merchants to ensure that high quality fine wine is available to clients whenever it is needed across the globe. UKV PLC has a team of advisors that who are committed to guiding customers through available options and help in selecting the best affordable choice.To them, wine is an asset. It is a source of wealth. For this reason, UKV PLC convey a wide variety of investment grade wine or champagne. They have a collection of different types offering some of the finest labels from the top vineyards in the continent. Due to the finite stock, the demand is at times higher than the supply. This however has not limited them from offering an extensive range of options to their valued customers.

Fine wine investment just like any other business venture has risks and uncertainties. UKV PLC however helps minimize these risks for its clients. One advantage of buying their products is that they offer good customer care services. They have committed consultants that will answer all questions that a customer might have. This helps in choosing the right product for different occasions. For those who would like to start a company of their own, UKV PLC will give the necessary guidelines that will assist in starting up and copping with competition in the market.

Here, a person is able to find an excellent selection of investment grade wine that will leave them with no regrets. The other benefits of dealing with UKV PLC is that the customer fully owns the wine that their collection is fully insured. There is also a percentage of returns for the investment made by customers.The internet has a lot of information regarding this company. They have a website where clients can get in contact with consultants who help solve their problems. Orders can also be placed online and the products delivered to buyers wherever they are. Their prominence on social media has made it easy for customers to access their goods and services.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association Is Proud to Work in Austin, TX

Capitol Anesthesiology Association has a number of board certified physicians on staff. This association serves the Austin, Texas area and other surrounding locations. They always offer the absolute best care and service.For those who are interested in Capitol Anesthesiology Association and what they offer in terms of anesthesia services.

There, you’ll see that Capitol Anesthesiology Association professionals specialize in many different areas of anesthesia.For example, some of the physicians work closely with children in pediatric anesthesiology. Others focus on general anesthesia for surgery, obstetric anesthesia for soon-to-be mothers in labor or local or monitored anesthesia care. Still others have specialties in thoracic anesthesia, which is anesthesia that relates to the thorax or abdomen. All of these specialities are extremely important to the well-being of the patients under Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s care.

Philanthropic Work at Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is also proud to work closely with philanthropic organizations throughout the communities in and around Austin, Texas. Almost all of the practitioners who work at Capitol Anesthesiology Association are actively involved in community charity and service programs and organizations. Some of the practitioners even work in other parts of the world’s to helped undeserved areas with medical problems, ranging from everyday to severe and life-threatening.Some of the community programs that Capitol Anesthesiology Association works with in the Austin, Texas area include Operation sSmile, Partnerships for Children, Eels on Wheels, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach or DCSGO and Children’s Medical Center Foundation.


The Success of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has made a name for himself in a variety of areas. A graduate of the prestigious Syracuse University, Lubar earned a bachelors degree in speech and communication. After graduation took his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. From there Lubar worked in several roles that expanded his resume to new heights.

Just a few years later Lubar began working for Crestar. He would eventually join forces with Legacy Financial group in Texas. He helped to grow their Maryland office to more than 100 million dollars a year. He then worked with the Legacy Financial Group during the early 2000’s. Lubar would eventually move on to a bigger role as the Senior Vice President with Charter Funding. This group was supplement of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the largest privately held companies in the US.

Throughout his career ( Lubar spent most of his time working in the banking industry. Later on in his career he would move into other realms. He worked with the commercial demolition industry, in the night club industry the recycling industry as well as the Real estate development industry. He had great success in the demolition world. During this time he was able to obtain some very large contracts from some of the largest general contractors in the country.

Today Todd resides in Maryland. He has two children who he loves spending time with along with his other family members. He is an avid travel and continues to seek new ways to re-invent himself. Todd Lubar is excellent at what he does. He should be around for many years to come. To know more about Todd, visit his bio.


Wine Making: A Lengthy Process That Is Well Worth The Wait

There is more to proper wine making that simply putting the elements of the wine together, shaking it up in a bottle, and packaging it for the customer base to enjoy. Proper wine making entails the wine to undergo a lengthy process of production stages.

Vintners that do not necessarily take their time in making wine often find themselves in quite a rut when they experience customers calling them about why the wine tastes bitter, or why they are experiencing headaches after drinking the wine. If you are someone who is unaware of the production protocols your wine vintner is undergoing, then you may be happy to know that there are certain questions that you may ask in pertinence to their production processes.

If the wine that you are purchasing comes from a vintner that takes its time in making the beverages it provides for its customer base, then you may want to consider them as being a viable option when it comes to future purchases. However, if the vintner that you are thinking about purchasing from does not necessarily take its time in making the wine, then it is highly likely you should stay away from their product(s).

Reason being is that the wine that is made from vintners that do not necessarily take their time in making wine are highly likely to provide their customer base with wine products that are not necessarily as high in quality as their competitors. Again, making wine requires time. A wine merchant that does not take its time in making its wine is one that is merely seeking to reap the benefits of quick profits and does not care about the tastes of their customers. Contact a UK vintner today to decide whether your next purchase is going to be from them or not.

The Startup Business Growth Earns Mike Baur Entrepreneurial Respect

Mike Baur is currently the managing partner of the Swiss Start up Factory. He Co-Founded the company in 2014 with the goal of taking non-modern business models and creating future business opportunities for early juncture startups. It’s been a successful enterprise, and in fact, Swiss Start up Factory was named as one of the foremost well-established ICT Startup Accelerator’s in the entire Country of Switzerland.


The SSUF accelerator program helps a startup company improve their platforms, technology resources and eventually increase the business rankings within their perspective market. By enabling a financial support system, technological and mentoring support system, the SSUF program creates an opportunity for the startup to focus on the strengths of the company, and for building solutions to produce a community of customers. Once generating sustainable revenue, the startup will be more effective in positioning the business towards better growth and stability.


The key to growing a company’s resources and how they can utilize them effectively requires the company to invest within themselves as a team. Mike says that the greatest asset a company has for building its success lies within the core alliance of the team. He believes in order to have that core foundation it’s vital the startup acquire a significant diverse talent to build upon.


Mike is an adventurous business-elite. With an extremely wide-vision focused greatly on taking risks, he says that going beyond the normal industry standards will allow for greater business successes. He started as an entrepreneur at a very young age and eventually focused his attention for 20 years on the banking industry. During that time, Mike learned the skillful discipline of going beyond an outdated methodology for creating business ventures.


As a venture capitalist, Mike knows that in order to launch a true startup opportunity, it means the business needs to pivot timely before it can establish a solid product base within their market. In order to prove their business model successful, it will require dramatic changes to gain momentum and traction. With that type of mandate, Mike Baur determined it was essential to create a 3-month long program to give a startup company the creative edge to succeed. The program carries out its successful transitioning of startup companies and bridge them further into their perspective industry.


The Swiss Start up Factory’s branding for developing a business to reach beyond the standard market methodology for growth, has been its greatest contribution to the startup innovation.



5 Strategies for Reliable Online Reputation Management

All businesses must maintain a positive reputation both offline and offline. It is recommendable to monitor online reputation on a daily basis. Remember, it takes a few minutes for a bad client review to go viral and affect your business’ bottom line. It becomes even difficult when a reputation crisis catches you unaware. Luckily, the following steps can help you enhance your online reputation.

Understand clients’ perceptions about your brand

Knowing what customers are saying concerning your brands can assist you to come up with personalized responses. Brand monitoring tools such as Mention can help you to manage your brand and ensure everything is running smoothly. Additionally, you can create Google Alerts to update you when someone says something about your brand.

Update your website and social media account

For your business to occupy the first pages of search results, you will have to ensure both your website and social media like Facebook and Twitter are updated with relevant information about your brand. You can work with a reputation manager to assist you in content creation so that you can accomplish other important tasks of your business. Increasing positive information about your brand pushes negative or false comments down the search engine’s search results.

Give timely and informed responses

Before you begin to respond, gather as much information as possible. Ensure you understand what triggered the reputation crisis in the first place. Your responses should be positive always.

Accept mistakes and promise to fix them

Your next plan is to accept mistakes and work tirelessly towards fixing them. Be genuine about the mistake, but you should not go deep into details. Apologize and offer clear descriptions of steps you are planning to use to fix it.

Foster strong alliances with your audience

Strive to build strong bonds with your audience. Develop a brand that people relies on and loves. The trick is to create a pool of loyal customers. Once you have earned the trust of your clients, it will be easy to deal with any reputation crisis. Online reputation management becomes easy when your clients are willing to defend you.