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The outstanding Amenities of the Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star is one of the world-class hospitals in South America. It is based in Brazil and is recognized for the excellent medical services that it offers to its clients. The facility is one of the branches of the D’Or network, which presently manages about 22 executive hospitals in different regions of Brazil. The head of the network of hospitals is Jorge Molly. He believes that the D’Or network has managed to establish the pioneer five-star medical facility in Rio de Janeiro. The idea of having a luxurious hospital that offers top-notch treatment and accommodation is new in the region. D’Or network is devoted to increasing its services by establishing other state-of-the-art hospitals in cities such as Sao Paulo.

The primary objective of the high-end hospital is to offer medical care, hospitality, and luxury to the patients. Its doctors and nurses have adequate skills and experience that allows them to provide the best services to the clients. They also use ultramodern technology in offering treatment. Copa Star has been ensuring that it has the best staff members, and therefore, it uses exceptional methods in recruiting its employees. The relaxing environment that the hospital provides attracts patients from across the country and abroad. People who need world-class medical attention will no longer need to travel to other nations. Privacy has also been one of the main factors that the hospital considers, and therefore, celebrities can be off the spotlight when they are there. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

The Copa Star Hospital has heavily invested in medical amenities since its primary function is to treat patients who seek its services. The comfort and hospitality are secondary infrastructures. The machinery that has been installed in the hospital includes cardiac and neurological treatment equipment. It also has 59 ICUs that are fully functional. They units have video conferencing technology that allows the isolated patients to interact with their family and friends. Copa Star’s staff is made of more than 500 professionals who have been coached to offer remarkable treatment to its patients. The nurses fully understand how to handle various problems that its clientele may face.

Copa Star’s has a modern diagnostic ward that has excellent MRI machines. Its neurosurgery division also has the best infrastructure to deal with the most complicated conditions. It includes operating rooms, advanced robots, and the best surgeons. The patients are also given iPads that allow them to control their environment and contact medical personnel.

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Mr. Maluf and the Brazilian Company Eucatex

Flavio Maluf serves as the chairman of Eucatex, a Brazilian company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of flooring options, acoustic ceiling and wall panels, doors, paints and varnishes. Besides being the president of Eucatex, Mr. Maluf also heads Grand Food (this company owns Golden and Premier Pet feed brands). Despite being the head of these two huge companies, Maluf has been able to provide competent leadership and direction for the activities of the two company’s employees.

Eucatex Company started manufacturing and selling ceiling lining and insulating material back in 1951. Its sheet metal factory began operating in Salto in the year 1954. At the time, the company mainly sold its products to the Brazilian civil construction market. The company would later diversify by establishing factories that manufactured hardboard (high-density wood fiber panel) – the company’s current flagship product.

Today, Eucatex services the furniture manufacturers and construction industry. In the construction industry, the company produces laminate floors, modular partitions, doors, and paints. In the furniture industry, Eucatex produces wood fiber plates, MDP and Tamburato. Their products are some of the best in the industry as they use advanced technology and environmentally friendly raw material.

About Flavio Maluf (education, joining the company and assuming presidency)

According to Maluf’s Facebook profile, he attended the University of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. He also has an additional degree in trade and commerce that he attained from New York University.

Wikipedia shows that Mr. Maluf was hired by Eucatex in 1987. He began working in the trade department where he was responsible for exports and financial aspects of the organization. After a few years, He was moved to the industrial division where he worked for several years before joining the company’s executive board in 1997. After serving on the board for several years, he was unanimously voted in as the new president of the company.

Maluf has headed the company for over four decades now. The father of four is also a well-respected philanthropist who donates to different charities to assist the needy and the local community.