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Lime Crime Makeup Is As Ethically Conscious As It Is Beautiful

When Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008, she set out to create a brand of cosmetics that reflected her own uniquely bright and playful aesthetic. Now, millions of social media followers later, the brand continues to dream up whimsical cosmetic creations that appeal to the imaginations of millennial women across the world.


The brand offers a variety of cosmetic products, but it’s best known by far for its lip products. That’s because Lime Crime’s lip products come in a range of colors and finishes that you simply can’t find elsewhere. The Velvetines line, for instance, is inspired by rose petals. It’s a matte liquid lipstick with a unique finish that gives lips the appearance of a velvet texture. The color choices mimic rose petals as well, coming in various shades of deep and moody reds.


The Metallic Velvetines are fairly new and already are flying off the shelves. A liquid matte lipstick like its predecessor, the Metallic Velvetines lipsticks’ shiny finish looks like luxurious silk satin. The line comes in astonishingly bold colors like dreamy deep violet and frosted pastel pink.


Perhaps Lime Crime’s top seller, however, is the Unicorn Lipsticks line. This product line was the very first put out by the brand and remains a highly coveted item by beauty enthusiasts to this day. Fans love the creamy and rich formula as well as the intensely pigmented colors.


What the brand’s products have in common is their complete abandonment of convention. While many commercial cosmetics brands stick to safe packaging and predictable color choices, Deere created a company that embraces playfulness and whimsical imagery. The packaging of the brand’s products are just as enticing as the products themselves, featuring bright metallic tubes and glittery wands.


In addition to delivering high quality and colorful products, Lime Crime is also notable for its dedication to cruelty-free practices. All of the company’s products are vegan and no animals are harmed or tested on during production. This strict ethical code gives the brand added respect from its loyal followers.


It’s safe to say by now that Doe Deere has created an empire by embracing the bright and colorful world of her imagination. Products on the company’s website continually sell out and the brand’s Instagram followers are in the millions. Beauty enthusiasts can’t wait to see what dreamy product line Lime Crime will come up with next. they¬† also have products on discount for the first time customers.

Lime Crime’s Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup

Lime Crime, the popular online makeup brand known for it’s eccentric colors, cute AF makeup packaging, amazing lipsticks, and last but certainly not least it’s vegan and cruelty free makeup products!


Founded by Doe Deere in 2008, Lime Crime made it’s debut when launching their Unicorn Lipsticks that included a variety of different shades and came in the cutest, most sparkly purple lipstick packaging ever! Since then the makeup brand never ceases to fail the makeup game.


The makeup brand has been most known for their “Matte Velvetines”. They are the true “Original Gangster’s” when it come’s to matte liquid lipsticks. The Matte Velvetines include a huge array of colors, from your everyday shades of pinks and nudes, to the most unique colors like different shades of blue, purple, and even orange. They feel super soft, the colors are opaque, they don’t budge, and they last all day! The Matte Velvetines are a true staple to any lipstick lovers, lipstick collection.


L.C also has other lipstick collections including Metallic Velvetines, Diamond Crushers, Perlees, and as previously mentioned their Unicorn Lipsticks. Their Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers are one of the more recent collections that have been released and they are out of this world! These lip glosses will give your lips a holographic effect and are jam packed with glitter that make your lips look they have little tiny diamonds sparkling all over them, hence the name “Diamond Crushers”.


Aside, from L.C helping us keep our lip game strong, the online makeup brand has been branching out over the years and carry a ton of different beauty products any makeup fanatic would love. They carry eye shadow palettes, hi-lite palettes, press on nails, colorful hair dye, and soon they will be releasing the cutest most sparkly makeup brushes you will ever see. They even carry little bundles of their makeup collections that would make the greatest gifts. Whether you want to be cute and simple or daring to be different, L.C is the makeup brand for everyone. Doe Deere you are a makeup God, thank you for blessing us with Lime Crime.