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Cassio Audi and Music

In life, we all have something we want by all means. Cassio Audi is not any different, as he was interested in being popular while he was young. This led him to a music rock band in Brazil. With the status he has today in the Brazilian society, some people don’t know that he once had a music career. His dream came true as the band gained popularity, in Brazil in the 1980s and early 1990s.

About Cassio Audi
Cassio Audi is a prominent businessman and a philanthropist in Brazil. He holds a significant position and status in the society. This is due to his highly regarded skills in the financial management sector. In this sector, he is known for his application of strategic planning and critical thinking skills. This skills and his enchanting music background are some of the things that attract people to his services. His music is an indication of creativity, and his ability to engage in many successful ventures at the same time.

Cassio’s Early Music Life
Cassio was a member of a popular band in Brazil, called the Viper before joining college. This band was formed by teenagers from a similar setting. Cassio was the heavy metal drummer of the band and in those times, drummers would exemplify the heavy metal music. He was responsible for the unity of the group, and also providing emphatic beats. Together with other members such as Felipe and Andre, they created sounds that made Viper a popular band, in the country. This led to the first album called ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. Other hit songs included the ‘Fate of Theatre’

Cassio’s Combination of Music and Business
Despite his success in business, Cassio doesn’t forget his past life in music.He uses music because he understands it provides a creative-based solution. This solution has made clients admire his music due to creative approaches.

From the early music life of Cassio, it’s clear that his desire to be popular was fulfilled through music and business. This is a lesson that through knowing what we want, hard work and dedication our dreams are still valid.

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