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Adam Milstein- Philanthropist, Businessman and probably the Most Influential Jew

In a recent news article published by Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein was mentioned among the top 50 most influential figures in the Jewish community. The list contained prominent leaders that have advanced the causes of the Jewish culture. Many people have participated in several projects over the past years. Adam Milstein was among the prominent Jewish leaders that appeared on the list. He was ranked position 39 in the list that included business and political leaders in Israel. Adam Milstein was listed for his role in the founding and growth of the Israeli-American Council. He has shown exemplary leadership skills and has participated in multiple philanthropic efforts.

Adam Milstein said that he was delighted and humbled to be named as an influential Jewish leader. He was thankful for the support of the Jewish community in the United States. He thanked his wife Gila that has supported him with the Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation. He went ahead to thank other leaders in the IAC organization for their active work in building the foundation.

Milstein is an inspiration and motivational figure to the Jewish community. He has succeeded in his real estate business. Additionally, he is the leader of highly successful organizations across the globe. Most of his work has seen the formation of several projects that have made a difference to the Jews. His nomination to the top 50 most influential leaders list is an indication that his work to Jewish causes is progressing well.

Adam Milstein is popular for establishing the Milstein Foundation. It is dedicated to helping and uplifting the living standards of Israeli Americans. The organization has created a better relationship between Israel and the United States. In a bid to achieve its goals, the foundation has funded several Jewish projects. Many projects have empowered the Jewish youth and created understanding among other groups.

Adam Milstein is a patriot to his native country. He and his family served in several Israeli wars. His father was an immigrant who moved to the Israel in 1948. Adam Milstein was born in Israel and served in the Israeli war. He later married and moved to the United States.